Devon Tiles is a Peygran stockist

Devon Tiles Peygran stockist

We’re now a UK Peygran stockist.  Peyran is a Spanish manufacturer of innovative products and technical solutions for tilers. Their products make tiling easier and help create a professional finish, so we’re delighted to have become a UK distributor of this fantastic brand.

Here’s a selection of their products:


Made of high-impact polystyrene the Peygran floats are lightweight with an ergonomic grip. You can remove the float grips for use with different bases which is ideal for different tiling jobs.

For optimum results in ceramic grouting, try the grouting float – a rubber float with plastic ergonomic grip.

Tile spacers

For highly resistant and precise tiling the Peygran range is just what you need. Tile spacers are available in a variety of sizes from 1mm to 10mm and come in single packs or multi-spacer buckets.

For large formats and heavy slabs, the range includes the reusable Peygran Multi Series spacers which are made of high-quality resistant material.

Levelling system

The Peygran levelling system ensures flatness between tiles avoiding movement during the mortar setting. Using a levelling system reduces the tile laying time and will give you a perfect lippage-free finish.

Whether you need individual elements such as clips and pliers or a complete levelling system kit, we’ve got the complete range in stock.

This is just a flavour of the Peygran range. To see the entire collection, please visit the Peygran website or visit us in store. We keep plenty of items in stock, but if you’d like to check for a specific item before popping in, please give us a call on 01404 811209.
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