New coloured grout from kerakoll

Coloured grout from kerakoll

We’re now stocking a fantastic range of coloured grout and silicone from kerakoll. Fugabella® Color and Silicone Color are a new range of bio-friendly coloured grouts available in 50 colours, designed for those wanting quality and a beautiful finish to their interior design projects.

Fugabella is a decorative resin-cement for grouting of ceramic and porcelain tiles, mosaic and natural stone. Available in a 50-colour design range, there’s a colour to suit every tile and home decor. With such a broad colour palette to choose from, it’s possible to create hidden joints and give the illusion of a continuous ceramic surface.

kerakoll coloured grout

Why choose Fugabella?

An alternative to traditional grouting materials this new generation hybrid grout outperforms in terms of resistance to abrasion, colour uniformity and durability, water- repellence, resistance to stains and ease of maintenance.

  • Ease of application – once mixed with water, the innovative active catalyst cells within the grout enables you to work the mixture for a long time without difficulty. It remains workable and at the same consistency for a long time, making it easy to work into the tile joints.
  • Even colour quality – Fugabella grout is free from Portland cement, which causes whitening in traditionally made coloured grouts. Fugabella guarantees even colour and long-term colour stability.
  • Natural low permeability – reduced water absorption ensures lower levels of joint staining.
  • High abrasion resistance – Fugabella has exceptionally high resistance to abrasion, which guarantees long-lasting aesthetic and mechanical performance.
  • Low environmental impact – Fugabella uses a mix of pure and natural binders instead of chemical and synthetic additives. These natural ingredients are safe for people’s health and have a lower environmental impact.

We have all 50 colour options on display and in stock. Your only challenge will be deciding which colour to choose!

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