Make a room look bigger with tiles

Here are our 5 tips on how to choose tiles that will make a room look bigger.

When it comes to making a small room feel larger, the right choice of wall and floor tiles can make all the difference.

1. Use large format tiles

Large format tiles have fewer grout lines so there’s less to detract the eye. The seamless finish tricks the eye into thinking the room appears larger than it is. Smaller tiles look busier and make a room feel smaller.

2. Go for glossy tiles

The smooth and shiny finish of gloss tiles reflect light back into the room making it feel larger. Matt tiles absorb light and have the opposite effect.

3. Keep it simple

Opt for a plain floor tile and stick to a simple colour palette. Busy patterned tiles can dominate a room, making it feel busy and cramped.

4. Match floor and wall tiles

Using floor and wall tiles which match, or are similarly toned, will give your walls and floors more cohesion and fool the eye into thinking it’s bigger than it actually is.

5. Choose the right layout

To lengthen a narrow floor space go for a herringbone or chevron layout. To expand a more boxy-shaped room, stick with traditional vertical or horizontal layouts.

An effective way to use large tiles in small spaces is to lay the tiles diagonally. The resulting diamond pattern prevents the eye from measuring space in tiles down vs. tiles across which gives a greater feeling of space.

For help choosing your floor tiles, please pop into our showroom. We can help you choose tiles that will make a room look bigger and advise on the best tiles to suit your space. We can also provide samples for you to take away and try at home.

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