Guide to buying tiles: Measuring for tiles

Measuring for tiles

Before you go and buy tiles, you’ll need to measure the area that you plan to tile so you can work out how many tiles you require for your project. We recommend measuring for tiles in metres as most tiles come in packs covering one square metre or a variant thereof. Here’s how to measure for floor and wall tiles.

Measuring for floor tiles

Measure the width and length of the room and multiply the two figures together. This calculation will give you the square metre area. 

If your room isn’t rectangular or has objects to cut around (e.g. a bath or a box housing pipes), sketch the floor plan. Split the floor plan into rectangular shapes and work out each rectangle’s floor area (as above). Add each calculation together to obtain the total floor area.

Measuring for wall tiles

Measuring for floor tiles

Use the same method as above to calculate the size of your wall area. If you’re planning to tile more than one wall, measure each wall separately and add the totals together for the overall area.

If the wall you plan to tile has doors or windows within it, measure the door/window (as above), calculate the square meterage and subtract this measurement from the total wall area.

We recommend buying 10% more tiles than you think you need. Having a few in reserve allows for any wastage and accidental breakages. If you buy your tiles from Devon Tiles & Bathrooms, you can return any unused boxes of tiles within 30 days of purchase.

Getting the measurements right will make your tiling job more straightforward so measure twice!

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you’ll know how to calculate how many tiles you’ll need for your tiling project. But if not, we’re here to help. If you’re unsure about your calculations, we can help you work out how many tiles you’ll need. Please pop into the showroom, or give us a call in 01404 811209.

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