10th October 2018
Remove tile grout

How to remove tile grout

Here's a step-by-step guide to removing tile grout so you can regrout and make your tiles look like new.
25th July 2018
Floor tiles

Benefits of tile floors

Is the current hot weather making you yearn for the cool tile floors? Read about the other benefits of tile floors.
5th July 2018
Prepare walls for tiling

How to prepare walls for tiling

Proper preparation is key to a professional finish, find out how to prepare your walls for tiling.
22nd February 2018
Wood effect porcelain tiles

Why choose wood-effect porcelain tiles

Wood-effect porcelain tiles are a realistic alternative to natural wood.
24th October 2017
Natural stone effect tiles

Natural stone effect tiles

Natural stone tiles continue to be a popular choice for home tiles. Stone effect tiles are a more practical alternative.
5th June 2017

Guide to tile adhesives and grout

For the perfect finish, you need to use the correct type of adhesive and grout.
8th May 2017
Natural stone tiles

Guide to natural stone tiles

If you’re thinking of using natural stone floor tiles, it’s important that you understand which stone types are most suitable.
20th January 2017
Tile grout

How to grout tiles

Grouting can be a tricky job and one we're often asked for advice on, so here are our grouting tips.
6th December 2016
Sealing tiles

A guide to sealing tiles

Wondering whether to seal your tiles? Read our guide to find out when sealing is necessary.