Antique mirror effect tile

Narciso antique mirror effect tile

We love our latest tile collection – Narciso, an antique mirror effect tile from Italian manufacturer Viva by Emilgroup.

The Narciso collection takes inspiration from the surfaces of antique mirrors which have been oxidized by atmospheric agents and dulled by the passage of time. With a semi-polished finish, the tile has a mirrored effect which looks stunning. It’s velvet-smooth to the touch yet has the resistance and anti-slip properties needed for use in your home.

Narciso is a ceramic tile and is suitable for walls and floors.

Antique mirror effect tile

We have the following Narciso tiles in stock:

Size: 15cm x 60cm

Colours: Argento and Topazio

Price: £84 per square metre including VAT

We can also order the large format Narciso (120cm x 278cm).

We have the Narciso on display on a wall in the showroom so please pop in and see how beautiful this antique mirror effect tile is.

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